A skilled, sensitive, strong therapist in Chelsea

  • Licensed in both massage and acupuncture, and certified in hypnosis and myofascial massage, Jeff has over thirty years experience. In 90 minute sessions ($155.) he utilizes both massage and acupuncture, yet spends the most  time on massage. His massage style integrates myofascial work, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage with the precision and energetic awareness of acupuncture. Jeff is especially gifted at making people feel comfortable. His interpersonal style is very casual, but professional. His practice has included famous authors,Tony , Emmy , and Oscar Award winning artists, professional athletes, scores of dancers, and hundreds of stressed out New Yorkers in pain.
  • Currently I'm working on new protocols integrating ancient Chinese acupuncture and  neuromuscular massage to treat past insults (physical, mental traumas)  that are imprinted in the myofascia / nervous system.

Treat orthopedic pain, disharmony in life, or just relax

  •  The integration of massage, including myofascial/ structural approach, with acupuncture, is very successful for injuries. Jeff also always tries to figure out the source of pain.

  • Acupuncture is proven to affect the old brain and makes people feel happy. Jeff is quickly able to  assess to which of 12 Constitutional types a person belongs. We can explore if the real you is in harmony with your environment.

  • Or you can just Relax


Located in Old Chelsea

Jeff graduated from the Swedish Institute in 1981 and Swedish massage has always been the basis of his technique. He went on to study Shiatsu with the famous Eizo Ninomaya in 1983 who taught him to take Chinese pulses and he’s taken the pulses before every session ever since. He attended Tri-State College of Acupuncture and received his acupuncture license in 1986. At TriState he studied with many famous teachers including Kiko Matsumoto, J. R. Worsely, Nguyen VanNghi, Yves Requena and so his style is eclectic, incorporating techniques from Japanese, Chinese, and Five–element styles. In recent years he studied with Koei Kuwahara, learning techniques of acupuncture without needles and refining his sensitivity to energy and with Richard Tan. Jeff has also studied nutrition at Hunter College and herbs with Ted Kaptchuck. Most recently he was certified in Myofascial Techniques with Carrie Taylor and was Certified in Hypnosis, studying with Geozuwa Cuantum.


Jeff VanDyke Massage and Acupuncture

433 W 21st Street #4C New York, New York 10011

Phone or text (212) 627-0968


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11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Monday - Thursday: 11am - 10pm (last appointment 8:30)

Friday and Saturday 11 am -6pm (last appointment 4:30)

Evening hours on the weekend and Sundays are not available.

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