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Myofascial massage and acupuncture work effectively for neck pain

Thirty years experience treating neck pain 

Holistic Approach

  • In the New York of 2017, neck pain has replaced back pain as the most common injury seen in clinics.The good news is that even chronic neck pain responds incredibly well to the combined therapies of massage and acupuncture.   After Jeff’s treatment, you’ll be able to move your neck freely and you’ll feel relaxed. Neck pain can be due to:
  • repetitive activities where the head is in a forward position
  • angry, hostile people
  • noise pollution
  • stress
  • fluctuating temperature from excess air conditioning or heat
  • Jeff’s immediate goal is to restore mobility with Swedish and myofascial massage and Dr. Tan's acupuncture style which usually provides immediate relief.Often clients feel pain at the back of the neck but are unaware that muscles in the front have become shortened. In one session most patients with stiff necks can achieve almost complete mobility by myofascial work with the alignment of the head and shoulder girdle.Often neck pain has persisted for months, or years,. As a practitioner with thirty years experience, Jeff assesses the appropriate level of pressure for each injury, using deep tissue massage if appropriate or, in severe cases, working gently. Sometimes, no one has spent enough time with patients to determine the cause of the pain or discussed strategies  to permanently eliminate pain. Acupuncture is well documented by Western studies to do the following:
  • increase endorphins, the body’s “natural painkillers”
  • treat pain by affecting mu-opoid receptors in the brain
  • treat mood and bio-rhythm by dramatically affect the limbic brain
  • After acupuncture, people feel relaxed and happy because it addresses the underlying issue of stress, so important with neck pain.In New York neck pain can, following ancient Chinese texts, be due to “Wind” which is a metaphor for all negative energy that affects the body - changes in temperature, such as air conditioners, excess stimulation such as noise, and emotional energies from others or from oneself. The upper back and neck are particularly susceptible to these influences.Energetically New Yorkers function in whirlwinds of negative energy. Often clients say, “I’d be fine if I could just get this thing out of my neck.” Then, with the needles in place they feel the stress and pain leaving. Most people leave sessions in a relaxed haze.

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