Back Pain Relief


Back pain treated with myofascial massage and Acupuncture

Thirty years experience with back pain caused by sports, dance, trauma, and repetitive use injuries.

Holistic Approach

  • The average visit to an MD is 10-20 minutes - not enough time to research the origin of back pain. As an holistic practitioner, Jeff’s goal is to figure out why someone has back pain, get him to a new plateau of pain relief, and get him moving forward again. Acupuncture is a modality that is thousands of years old. It is inter-dimensional, treating mind, body, emotions, and spirit and involves a process of discovering why the patient’s energy is in disharmony. 
  • Usually immediately after treatment clients are amazed that they can again move and bend. In the case of a minor injury, often one treatment is enough. In the case of chronic or severe pain, an increase in mobility means that the patient can begin to do the exercises that will lead to recovery.
  • According to Chinese medicine people’s energy reserves are kept on the surface, creating an energetic layer which protects them from external forces, described in the ancients texts as “wind.” Over-work, chronic stress and shocks, can weaken protective energy and make people susceptible to outside influences damp weather, cold, air-conditioning, noise, air pollution and other people’s negativity. In terms of “wind,” New York can be a tornado of stress! 
  • Research has shown, however, that acupuncture and massage are more effective than conventional medical treatments for back pain and can work “like magic.”Licensed in both massage and acupuncture, Jeff has  In 90 minute sessions he usually utilizes both modalities, but spends almost all of the time on massage. .

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